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But... I care. by L1lly-flow3rX But... I care. by L1lly-flow3rX
"No leave me here- I deserve to die! No one cares about me..." "But... I do!"

This is a scene from a rp between :iconsilverwolfien: and I. It's my character Donovan and her character Nutty. This is for the group :iconspace-garden: All of this was done on paint. c: Here's some of the rp

<nerdyherdy> Genisis padded into the defnse room sighing as she saw rustix on her bed
<hyperloudheart> Rustix nodded and threw off her sneak-cloak leaving it on her bed "Ya lets go" she said and walked outside the dorms room and down the corridor happily
<L1lly-flow3rX> Growling as he strained to get the wall off of him, his claws dug into the metal beneath his paws. I can't believe nobody heard me! They can just leave me to die for all I care, I know they wouldn't care about me in my dying breath!
<hyperloudheart> rustix looked at the notebook again "I need my notebook, He hasn't read it yet so everything thats in it still needs to be there but, thank you really" she said and nudged the notebook back "Why don't you write about what you see in it instead?"
<SilverWolfien> "Ummm...." Nutty was sad. "I'm aq squirrel."
<L1lly-flow3rX> Feeling the hope of escaping drain from him, he just sighed. "That's alright- just leave me here... I should be left to die! Nobody cares about me here anyway..."
** nerdyherdy has joined
<AllAboutTanzanite> Joker walked down the halls, his throat still scarred. He noticed a few of his team mates talking and sat down. "Hi guys." he croaked.
<nerdyherdy> "Hopefully, I'll come with you!" she mewoed
<nerdyherdy> Genisis purred as she padded inside
<L1lly-flow3rX> "You're the only one who does." replied Donovan, who burred his head under his paws. After wasting valuable air on saying that he had a fight to take another.
<L1lly-flow3rX> I might draw this scene Silver. 8D )
<nerdyherdy> (Aluala? what position are you in?)
<hyperloudheart> Wheres donovan again?))
<L1lly-flow3rX> Flattening his ears when the small creature yelled he said "No- don't... leave me here." pleaded the beast who really meant it.
<L1lly-flow3rX> In his dorm.)
<hyperloudheart> oh theres only one defense dorm so were actually in the room with him sorry didn't know XDD))
<nerdyherdy> (ok)
<hyperloudheart> rustix looked down from her bunk at nutty "whatcha need help withhh?" she said blinking at the wall "That. is going to take forever to clean up"
<hyperloudheart> rustix sqished her tail and grabbed her acid-spitter and shot the wall three times as it began to disinigrate "There ya go" she replied before turning back to grab the alien book
<nerdyherdy> brb
<hyperloudheart> Uh i disigrated the wall o3o or well most of it...))
<L1lly-flow3rX> Groaning when he heard the news he let out his breath as he went limp. Maybe some people do care... but I wish a had a friend here on this ship- or someone that would talk to me at least. It's not my fault I was born so ugly!
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Urnam-BOT Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Student Digital Artist
O: aw i like how you drew them! nice work *gives 2 green gems*
L1lly-flow3rX Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
8D Thank you!
SilverWolfien Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Aww cute! The only thing is- NUTTY IS HUGE. He's only like, the size of a medium sized dog.
L1lly-flow3rX Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOL he is? I didn't know sorry. D:
SilverWolfien Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Student Digital Artist
That's ok.
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